04 May 2010

South East Cape - Tasmania, Australia

Yesterday 3rd May 2010 Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady courageously notched yet another significant milestone in their epic voyage of adventure around the world and rounded the South Eastern Cape of Tasmania.

After Ella's Pink Lady had been knocked down twice in the past fortnight and had previously been stalled encumbered by a drogue in storms and monster waves, she has since excelled in her flight of freedom sailing with her intrepid Captain down around the bottom of Tasmania.

(Photo courtesy of Herald Sun)

The most challenging and difficult part of their entire voyage is now in their wake as Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady look forward to their final stretch up the south east coast of Australia and into Sydney Harbour.

As Jessica reflects on the struggles of the past couple of weeks, she reveals feelings of enormous pride and an incredible sense of achievement at what she had recently accomplished. After first hearing of a bad forecast, then waiting in nervous anticipation for it happen, then dealing with it as it comes, Jessica said she got a big kick out of getting through the thick of it all.

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady are expected to complete their solo, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation on Sunday 16th May 2010, two days shy of Jessica's 17th birthday.


  1. Nice post! If you ever decide to make a career change, you'd make a mighty fine reporter! :)

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  2. Thankyou Janell,

    What a great picture of Jessica, huh? She sure keeps a tidy ship.

    10 more sleeps before I see you in Sydney!!!

    Take care and see you at Jessica's...Sam

  3. And .... doesn't she just look FABULOUS!!!!! :)

    ONYA Jesse!

    Keep ploughing through those waves and bring it home!

    Thanks Sami, for this post! :)

    Cheers ....... Soldier's Mum xx

  4. You're welcome dear Soldier's Mum.....SNAP! Seems we both posted at the very same time.

    Are you coming to Sydney? Shall I pick you up on my way over?


  5. That really is a great picture, Sam. Thanks for posting it. I'm sure you've seen it, but here a link to an article which includes a video taken from the helicoter. I had that problem of getting something in my eye when I watched it.



  6. Hello Everyone....from Canada,

    That SMILE on Jessica's face says it all.
    To someone who was unaware of Jessica's journey it might be just another "sailing" photo but to those of us following from day one.....you can see and feel the emotion of the moment...."I am still here....and I am going to make it!" Had there been time this could have been an optional book cover photo proudly showing Jesse, the Australian flag and "Jessica Watson" on the side of EPL.

    Thanks for sharing Sam.
    Cheers, john

  7. Hello Mark, thanks for the link. There's an exellent gallery of 48 photos there.


  8. Hi John, my pleaseure and you're welcome.

    Yes, I agree with you about this picture making an excellent book cover for all the reasons you've pointed out and particularly because it doesn't show any company's logo, albeit the subject's impressive attire!