25 April 2010

My t-shirt design

Here's one I prepared much earlier. :-))

This is the original t-shirt I designed way back when I started my Voyage Art blog and it's still the one I like the most.

This is the design I put on the t-shirt that I gave to Julie when I met her in Perth recently.

The thought did cross my mind to ask her to put it on for the photo of us together but thought I'd be pushing it.

24 April 2010

Indiana Teahouse

Perth bloggers L-R
Tony (Different Drum)
Sam (samurai)
Jo (Jo from Perth) with
her husband Paul.

Starboard tack

Port tack

In celebration of Jessica's and Ella's Pink Lady's re-entry into Australian waters on 11th April 2010, I organised a dinner for Jessica's loyal fans living in Perth. We had dinner at the Indiana Teahouse Restaurant at Cottesloe Beach on Saturday 17th April.

At first I must admit that I was a little disappointed that not many Perth bloggers attended the dinner but on hindsight, the four of us who were there had such a fantastic night that I don't think would have been as intimate had there been more of a crowd. We all got along so well, it was almost as though we were long lost friends, thoroughly enjoying each others company as we all had one thing in common. We talked endlessly about Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady, without whom we would not have been inspired to share the friendships that we'd made through the whole blogging experience.

It is without doubt that Jessica Watson has indeed captured the hearts and the imagination of so many around the world by allowing us the opportunity to follow her epic voyage of adventure through her blog. Little did she know in the beginning that she would end up with thousands of followers around the world, most of whom have become addicted to her blog, some even confessing to being "Jessaholics", including yours truly.