21 May 2010

VIDEO: Jessica's fans

VIDEO: Jessica's fans

This interview was conducted by The Daily Telegraph on the Man 'O Wars Steps at the Sydney Opera House on Friday 14th May 2010, the day before Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady arrived home.


  1. Hi Sam,
    Great video, it looks like you two have a regular weekly TV program!


  2. Hi Sam,
    It was lovely to meet you the other day and I hope everything from that day has sorted itself out.
    Did you stay in Sydney long?
    Brisbane is going to turn out a huge welcome for Jess, it will be amazing :)
    It was great to meet the person behind the blog comments finally.
    How is everything been going?
    I hope you are the other Jessaholics are doing well.
    cheers for now

  3. Hi Richard,

    Thanks but at least in a weekly TV program they do your make-up first. :-)) Just kidding. It was a lot of fun and those guys were lovely and very professional.

    I'll post a few pics as soon as I get my new computer up and running, which should be this weekend sometime.


  4. Hello Demmi,

    It was lovely meeting you in Sydney. I stayed in the city for the last two days hoping to catch Jessica at Darling Harbour but missed out 'cause it was her brother Tom's birthday. So I treated myself to a day spa instead. I got back home last night. Hope all is going well with you. Take care and bye for now.


  5. Hi Sam,

    So glad you had a wonderful time in Sydney.
    I saw the TV interview and also on the arrival day @ the opera house. Looked great!

    The day spa would have been fabulous, good for you treating yourself! :)

    I've been out of the loop somewhat this past week, but am slowly resurfacing. Trying to catch up on the happenings, emails, blogs etc.

    Enjoy the remainder of your leave from work and thanks again for so graciously and generously sharing your blogs and Voyage art with us all.

    Cheers from ... Soldier's Mum :)