25 April 2010

My t-shirt design

Here's one I prepared much earlier. :-))

This is the original t-shirt I designed way back when I started my Voyage Art blog and it's still the one I like the most.

This is the design I put on the t-shirt that I gave to Julie when I met her in Perth recently.

The thought did cross my mind to ask her to put it on for the photo of us together but thought I'd be pushing it.


  1. Hi Sam, Yes I can empathise with your tentativeness. respect is earned and I think you've done that in ♠'s. Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

  2. G'day Magpie,

    Welcome and thankyou so much. :-))

    But why are your round smiles still in square holes?

    Cheers my dear...Sam