10 November 2010

Laura Dekker - Hurricane Season 2010

This track map (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) shows the hurricane activity in the North Atlantic so far this year.

The hurricane season officially started on 1st June and should end on 30th November but evidently there's nothing normal about the weather anymore.

Laura and "Guppy" plan to up-anchor from the Canary Islands tomorrow and head south towards the Cape Verde Islands, off the north-west coast of Africa and estimate the journey to take about a week. Presumably they will stay there until the end of the hurricane season at the end of this month before making their way across the vast expanse of the North Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean.

06 November 2010

Perth WA - Spring 2010

A view of the city's skyline from King's Park.

A roadside display of everlastings at King's Park.

Eternal flame for silent contemplation.