25 May 2010

Jessica's homecoming

Kookaburra sitting on our cabin verandah...merry, merry king of the bush is he...

A handsome pair of Rainbow Lorikeets taking their turn on our verandah.

Sound...Camera...Action! The interview by the Daily Telegraph with Collette and yours truly.

Thanks to Captain Chris of the Polaris of Belmont, Collette's banner was hoisted to it's pride of place up the inner forestay.

I was tickled pink to see the crew (L-R) Meredith, Janell and Jacqui wearing "samurai" originals.

The famous Man 'O Wars Steps.

The pink carpet with Polaris of Belmont at the end in the background.

A great job on the flag by Jacqui (right) with Janell on the left.

The Jessaholic VIP's gathered in their designated area, perfectly situated in front of the big screen.

(L-R) Meredith, Janell, Faye, Collette, Peter, Ailsa, Jacqui and Max.

I just loved the colour of these "Ladies in Pink"

A beautiful end to a beutiful day.

A fantasmagorical effort by Collette for our "Jessaparty" the next day.

The lovely Ella's Pink Lady sitting peacefully dockside in the harbour in front of the NSW National Maritime Museum.

I must admit, seeing her sitting there all by herself was quite an emotional experience.


  1. Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

    Thankyou for stopping by.

    I hope you enjoy these, my top pics.

    Cheers and Toodle-pip!

    Sami xx

  2. Dear Sam

    Thank you so much for posting the beautiful pics - like all the rest who couldn't be there, we sat glued to our TV and enjoyed the whole amazing experience. You all looked so great and deserved to be featured on the TV. You have done SO much to make this adventure complete. SO enjoyed all your artwork Sam and the talents of the other bloggers. Will miss you all - do already (sigh!).

    Take care and WELL DONE!

    Fay from the Gold Coast

  3. Hello Sam! :)

    Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing with us, much appreciated. They're terrific!

    What a wonderful time you've all had, the photos cannot convey exactly the fun and sheer joy of being there in person, but it's easy to obtain the sense of it all from seeing the pics.

    I guess it's going to take some adjusting to return to work after such an amazing trip to Sydney. I'm sure you'll soon be back into it and continuing to make a difference! :)

    Enjoy your new computer! :)

    Stay safe and well!

    Cheers from ... Soldier's Mum xxx

  4. Hi Sam
    Well we can't help being emotional at seeing your photos again. It was an amazing ride over the week wasn't it? The ride on Polaris, VIP passes at the Opera House (Thanks Sam), and the ride back as the sun was setting. I see you have included several photos taken by Meredith, just how good a photographer is this girl? no wonder she is in demand for weddings back home, and we must post some of her photos of Jessica, just sensational.
    Thanks for posting them Sam, and for all your Voyage Art, it has been just another highlight for us in following Jessica in her amazing voyage.

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  5. Hey Sam Baby...you're pretty good at taking pictures my dear...Sydney at night looks really cool and I agree with your comment on the last picture looking at a lonely Pink Lady, just thinking that Jesse has been living on that little boat for 7 months it was her home she lived experiences that most if not all of us will never experience in our life time...tis sad!

  6. Hiya Sam,

    Your photos are absolutely delightful....I adore the one of dear EPL, albeit excessively sad that she's tied up and all alone without her Master.

    I have learned that dearly loved boats really do become personified in many ways.

    Apart from our special memories on film, your pics from your hotel room are absolutely superb. I wish I could have shared that time as well.

    C'est la vie Samurai...mon bon ami...

    Collette xx

  7. Hi There Movie Star Sam,
    Very beautiful pictures, you have a good eye! It must have been amazing to experience her homecoming with such a happy crowd.I agree about the boat, she is just sitting there waiting for another adventure. Can you believe she had 20,000nm on her before the refit to be "Pink Lady"? I bet you wanted to hop on board and take off!

    Take care,

  8. Hi Sam,

    I have just had the opportunity to catch up with quite a bit since Jessica's homecoming and I must say your pictures are great !

    Thanks for sharing them.


  9. Sam,
    Re my last comment. I forgot Jesse is going to sail her up to Mooloolaba ! I guess what I was getting at is a boat like this needs to sail rather than just sit. What a beautiful sight as Jesse sailed in under full sail! I bet Jesse will go through a lot of different emotions as she steps off up north.


  10. Hi everyone, thanks so much for such lovely comments, I appreciate every one as always.

    Richard, thankyou. I did want so much to be able to just touch her, as if to pat her and say, "Well done beautiful lady". Just to make that simple connection would have meant a lot to me, if you can understand that.

    Collette, you're so right about boats being personified and I've always felt that way about sailboats in particular. Having spent the last 7 months "following" Ella's Pink Lady around the world has definitely affected me that way.

    It was a very touching moment looking out across the water at Ella's Pink Lady and not being able to get near enough to touch her. I'm sure we had a telepathetic thing going on for a very brief moment. :-))

    I hope she has a long and beautiful life ahead and that where ever she ends up, she will be loved and cherished.

    Cheers everyone and take care.

    Kindest regards,

    Sami XX

  11. A Great selection of shots Aunty Sam.

    It looks like you had a busy wonderful time in Sydney.
    A nurse alone in a swish city hotel at night? As the bloke in that advert said...Why why why dinchya call? Lol.

  12. G'day Magpie, thanks for swooping in. It's always nice to hear from you.

    Nudge, nudge....who said I was alone?.....wink, wink. :-))

    Cheers and toodles.....Sami xx

  13. Hi Sam,

    I'm just swooping in for a quick visit, too, since I'm on my lunch hour at work. Loved your photos. And you say...."who said I was alone?".....You could be the next one that we read about in the tabloids...wink,wink :-))

    I'm sure glad that you had such a great time in Sydney, Sam. Take care.

    Cheers and toodles

  14. Hello Mark, nice to hear from you so thanks for dropping in on your lunchhour.

    Wink, wink on the other....


  15. TAKE.....
    Beautiful people....
    add a Bounty of Brine and Booze..............
    a BUZZZZZZZzzzzzz Beyond Belief
    Thanks for sharing the pics Sam.
    Sydney sure looked BEAUTIFUL
    Sally by the Bay

  16. Hi Sam,
    Great photo's, I so wish i could have been down there to meet everyone. It's been such a pleasure following Jessica on her journey over the last seven months and it's been great meeting and reading about many of her supporters as well.
    That was such a nice news piece you and Collette did you sound just as passionate about Jessica as Bluefin (Anne) and Home Sweet Boat(Fay)who I met in Mooloolabah a few weeks ago with Jessica's mum Julie (such a lovely lady).
    Anyway Must go
    Stay safe and hooked on
    Tim and Rosie