24 April 2010

Indiana Teahouse

Perth bloggers L-R
Tony (Different Drum)
Sam (samurai)
Jo (Jo from Perth) with
her husband Paul.

Starboard tack

Port tack

In celebration of Jessica's and Ella's Pink Lady's re-entry into Australian waters on 11th April 2010, I organised a dinner for Jessica's loyal fans living in Perth. We had dinner at the Indiana Teahouse Restaurant at Cottesloe Beach on Saturday 17th April.

At first I must admit that I was a little disappointed that not many Perth bloggers attended the dinner but on hindsight, the four of us who were there had such a fantastic night that I don't think would have been as intimate had there been more of a crowd. We all got along so well, it was almost as though we were long lost friends, thoroughly enjoying each others company as we all had one thing in common. We talked endlessly about Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady, without whom we would not have been inspired to share the friendships that we'd made through the whole blogging experience.

It is without doubt that Jessica Watson has indeed captured the hearts and the imagination of so many around the world by allowing us the opportunity to follow her epic voyage of adventure through her blog. Little did she know in the beginning that she would end up with thousands of followers around the world, most of whom have become addicted to her blog, some even confessing to being "Jessaholics", including yours truly.


  1. Sam,

    You know I would have loved to have been at this dinner. However Sydney to Perth has to wait for our "round Australia trip." Never mind, you all look like you had a ball.

    Oh by the way in the past 6 months I don't think I ever declared "My name is Jacquie and I am a Jessaholic", but I most certainly am.


    The McGraths, Nowra NSW

  2. Hello Jacquie,

    Thanks for dropping by and welcome.

    Yes, I declared that very sentiment to Amanda when she interviewed me the other day, I said, "My name is Sam and I am a Jessaholic" and she laughed out loud, or is that LOL.

    Take care and drop in anytime. See you in Sydney.

    Kind regards...Sam

  3. Hi Sam,(Beverly here in Tassie) drat the luck. It must be just me and posting, I had just written a very nice post to you and just lost it cause I tried to do my URL which is new to me and screwed it up. Oh well. What I was writting about is the t-shirt. Do you have it as an iron-on type thingee that I could buy from you? I would love to have a t-shirt like that because I have just purchased a 15' run-a-bout (not into sailing...yet) but I want to be a Jessaholic when I do go out. LOL My name is Beverly and I'm a Jessaholic!"

    Gosh, I was a little disappointed for you that only 3 people showed up for your dinner. What a shame and after you went through the trouble to set it all up. I would have come Sam, but...well, ahh, Hobart to Perth just for dinner, lol. Was really glad you got to meet Jessica's parents though as well. Fantastic pictures of you all. It is really great to be able to put a face to a name when you are reading comments. Now I can visualize you, Jo, Different Drummer when I'm reading. You are so pretty, as well as so talented, i.e., the t-shirt picture and all the art work. I can't even get blogs to go through properly, LOL.

    Isn't our little Jessica something else? She never ceases to amaze me. She has gone through, and is going through some horrendous weather and she is still so darned positive. My husband (he's a Kiwi and an Aussie citizen) used to have a souped-up cabin cruiser when he lived in NZ and the police used to "borrow" when they had a chase on etc. He said he has been through some horrific weather in NZ waters and he would never go out in what Jessica is going through right now. She is one gutsy human being. How can you not be in awe of her and love her too?

    Regarding the t-shirt, if you could let me know if anything is there that can be purchased I would truely welcome it. My email is workerbev@yahoo.com or rainbow1946@live.com.au.

    Thanks and thanks for being such a faithful follower of Jessica, I can always count on reading a blog from you and I enjoy them so much, they are so heartfelt and up-lifting. See ya in a future blog - Beverly Penney

  4. Hello Beverly, thanks for dropping by and welcome to my blog. Thanks also for your compliments, I appreciate it.

    The three people who showed up at the Indiana Teahouse are three of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. It was an excellent night, one I doubt would have improved had much more people attended.

    Yes, I am very impressed with the way Jessica has handled everything through her entire voyage and am very sure she is destined for greatness in her future.

    Thanks for leaving me your email address, I'll be in touch soon.

    Take care of yourself and do drop by from time to time. I'll keep Voyage Art going as well at least until after I post the final "Sydney" one.

    Cheers for now...Sam

  5. Soldier's Mum says ..........

    What a bunch of happy little vegemites! LOL