04 March 2013

"Clean-up Australia!", says Peanut the turtle

Peanut the turtle has a message for all of us — pick up your rubbish, or animals might just pick it up for you!

Peanut became entrapped in a six pack ring when she was very young. As she grew, her shell and body grew around the plastic. Fortunately, she was found and taken into care, where the rings were removed. Today, many years later, her shell is still permanently disfigured,
 and some of her organs don't function properly. But she is in the care of a Department of Conservation, and is doing well.

Peanut was one of the lucky ones. Marine animals are commonly the victims of plastic waste — either by entangling themselves in things like netting or fishing lines, or by ingesting plastic (mistaking it for food) which causes them to either choke or fill their bellies full of plastic and starve.

Today is “Clean-up Australia Day”. So remember that by picking up plastic waste today (or any day), you could well save a life — perhaps several!

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