17 January 2012

Laura Dekker - Are we there yet?

Laura Dekker is expected to arrive in the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten within the next week (weather permitting) which would make her the youngest person ever to sail solo around the world.

Her father, Dick Dekker said "She should finish her circumnavigation between January 20 and 25, perhaps on January 22 or 23”. If there was an official record to be broken, Laura would break it "by more than half a year!" Mr Dekker said.

It’s been a long battle for Laura whose original plans to set sail when she was 14 were blocked by a Dutch court. She was placed in the care of child welfare officers on the grounds that she was too young to guarantee her own safety at sea.

Mr Dekker said that after she completes her circumnavigation, Laura plans to live in New Zealand where she was born, saying his daughter was "tired of the Netherlands, which has not ceased trying to put a spoke in her wheels".


  1. Thanks Ted. She's on track for the 21st then, weather permitting.