13 April 2011

Roz Savage - Indian Ocean challenge

A 43yo British woman, Roz Savage left Fremantle today in a bid to row solo across the Indian Ocean.

Roz has already rowed across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and will attempt to be the first woman to row across three oceans.

She hopes her journey, spanning 6,400kms across the Indian Ocean (destination yet unknown for security reasons) which is expected to take four months, will raise awareness about marine pollution.

At the very least, may it serve to inspire everyone to do their bit, notwithstanding those who have actually had first hand experience sailing through such destructive pollution and...well, when all is said and done, there is more said than done!

I sincerely wish you fair winds and calm seas and that you stay well and healthy throughout your epic voyage. Respectfully....Sam

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