22 August 2010

Laura Dekker - And so it begins for Laura & "Guppy".

Laura Dekker was said to be in good spirits on Saturday 21st August 2010 as she said goodbye to her father and friends to begin her solo world voyage on her 11.5 metre boat, "Guppy".

Laura’s original plan was to depart from Portimao in Portugal but she ended up leaving from Gibraltar because Portugal does not issue permits for sailing vessels to people under 18. This regulation does not apply on British territory.

Laura and “Guppy” are now en route to the Canary Islands, the first of several planned stops, where they will wait out the hurricane season. Then they plan to head through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean and on to Australia, the southern tip of India and through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean.

Bon Voyage Laura & “Guppy”. May you have the time of your life.


  1. You've excelled once again Sam.
    Not only have you got a picture of Laura smiling, you've also got one of her dog.

  2. Thanks for flying by Magpie...Yep, that's her dog 'Spot' who also has a nice smile don't you think?

    Cheers mate...Sami

  3. Hi Sam,
    That is the best "display" of Laura's Sail Plan that I have seen. Great artwork. Love the SPOT pic...had not seen that one before. Got any more hidden "Laura" gems? john

  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment.

    Laura should have arrived at the Canary Islands by now as she was just 170nm away on the 24th.


  5. Hi Sam,
    Laura has indeed arrived safely.

  6. Hi Sam,

    I'm really glad to see you are continuing your online art work. You have a real knack for using it to tell stories and also to pass along information. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  7. Hello Janell...thanks for dropping by.

    I'm looking forward to following Laura around the world, especially through the bits I've done long ago during much less global unrest.

    She's chosen to keep pretty low key, which is not a bad thing, so I'll try to keep this going as best I can.


  8. Hi Sam.

    It's nice to see you following Laura and passing on some bits of info to us. It sounds like she had a few too many undesirables hitting her blog. What a shame. I don't quite understand people like that.

    Hope all's well with you.


  9. Hi Mark...thanks :-))

    Yes, it is a shame and in case you didn't already know it, John (GlobeMasterOne) has some related links on his blog.

    Laura seems to be doing great and has started her "life" education at the Canary Islands.


  10. Hi, Sam!!!

    And here I thought you've been just working long hours and were too exhausted to comment!

    Have truly missed you, and your wonderful contributions! So glad to see that you're still at it . . . for Laura, now! We all wish her well! And, wish you well too!!

    Love and Hugs!!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  11. Hello Carol, thanks for stopping by.

    I think Laura's plan is a much better way to go. She's very lucky to have such an opportunity and I'm sure she'll do very well, after all she's known no other lifestyle.

    Kind regards...Sami