22 July 2010

Believe it...or not!

A breaching whale mangles the "Intrepid"...

No one was hurt...

The whale left behind bits of skin and blubber...

But was apparently none the worse for wear...

The destructive whale swims off into the sunset.

This incident happened off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa
on Sunday 18th July 2010.


  1. Hi Sam,
    I'm a little skeptical about this.
    First of all I'm not a 'yachtie' as you know, but...
    Did they clean off the blubber and goo for the photo?
    Why didn't that ship run aground?
    Who was looking at the whale?
    How many people get good shots of breaching whales let alone with perfect yacht to subject perfection?
    Why not sell the photo?

    Having said all that, it's bloody funny:D

  2. G'day Magpie, thanks for your thoughts which did cross my mind too. I changed the title of the story accordingly. :-))

    Take care mate....Sam

  3. It looks like I'm the Goose Sam.
    This was a still taken from video footage.
    I sometimes get a bit too serious:D
    I'll just take me pills before I hop onto the soap-box next time.

  4. LOL...You're not a goose, you're a magpie. :-))

    Mirror, mirrow on the wall, who's the fairest Magpie of all? 'Onya mate!